The Master in Global Affairs is opening a new space for professional training and debate in 2018:

The program, developed by the University Rey Juan Carlos and the Council on International Law and Politics, is opening its doors in Canada. We are proud to announce that the beautiful city of Charlottetown (Canada´s Birthplace) will host our program starting in September 2018.

The Master in Global Affairs based in Charlottetown integrates rigorous coursework under the supervision of a multi-disciplinary faculty. Students will have the support of policymakers, members of international courts, members of NGOs, and with an international network of students. We are proud of our strong partnership with the UN under the United Nations Academic Impact program.


The program in Canada will focus on multiculturalism, minorities, and development. Likewise, this program will share several concurrent courses with our program in Strasbourg, France. Students will also have the opportunity to attend an optional two months of classes in the French city to learn about the European Union and the Council of Europe in relation to the protection of human rights in Europe. All while creating professional networks within the European context. Moreover, this optional two-month period of study in France will be complemented by numerous public meetings and forums held in Strasbourg by the Council of Europe, the European Court of Human Rights, and the European Parliament. 

This nine-month professional degree is offered by the University Rey Juan Carlos, as a Master-Titulo Propio. It will provide you with competent and effectual leadership skills while preparing you for careers in multilateral institutions, government and nongovernmental organizations, civil societies, and for various careers in the private sector. We will prepare you for a high impact career in policymaking and peacebuilding with a focus on working towards a sustainable, multicultural world. The Master in Global Affairs operates under the themes of a respect for human rights, democracy, and the rule of law.




Start Month: September 2018

End Month: May 2019


MASTER IN GLOBAL AFFAIRS                                                       







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