The Master in Global Affairs is opening a new space for professional training and debate in 2018:

The Master in Global Affairs program has a proven track record at URJC for developing students with the knowledge, insights, and talents needed to help address and solve some of the most critical challenges facing our world. The program integrates rigorous coursework under the supervision of a multi-disciplinary faculty. Students will have the support of policymakers, members of international courts, members of NGOs, and be part of an international network of students.

With this new delivery model beginning in September 2018, students will enrol at UPEI for the first three months of study and then spend up to eight months at URJC’s Madrid and Strasbourg campuses to complete their degree.

UPEI and URJC are known for excellence and academic environments that are oriented to research, innovation, and learning. Both institutions have a strong interest in interdisciplinarity and collaboration that seeks to provide solutions to real-world problems.

If you’re interested in careers in international relations, diplomacy, law, policy development, and minorities’ and refugees’ rights, this program is for you.

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