Elective Courses (not all courses are offered every year)


Behavioral Economics and Public Policy (45 h/c)

Business and Human Rights (45 h/c)

Challenges of Global Migration (45 h/c)

Civil Society at the Local, National, and International Level (45 h/c)

Comparative Competition Law (45 h/c)

Corporate Social Responsibility (45 h/c)

Council of Europe (45 h/c)

Democratic Theory (45 h/c)

Democracy and Rule of Law in Latin America. (45 h/c)

Doing Business in and with the Internal Market of the European Union (45 h/c)

Economic Integration in the Americas, Europe, and Asia Compared (45 h/c)

Ethics in International Relations (45 h/c)

European Union Law – Foundations (45 h/c)

Good Governance at the Corporate, National, and Global Level (45 h/c)

Human Rights in Europe (45 h/c)

Human Rights in Latin America (45 h/c)

Human Security (45 h/c)

International Commercial Arbitration (45 h/c)

International Criminal Law (45 h/c)

International Business Transactions (45 h/c)

International Energy Policy (45 h/c)

International Environmental Law and Policy (45 h/c)

International Intellectual Property Protection, Innovation, and Development (45 h/c)

International Investment Law and Practice (45 h/c)

Law and Economics of Energy Security (45 h/c)

Millennium Development Goals and Human Rights (45 h/c)

Political Economy of Transition – Post- Soviet Union and China (45 h/c)

Post-Conflict Peace Building and State Building (45 h/c)

Public Diplomacy Between Law and Policy (45 h/c)

Strategic Management of Nonprofit Organizations in Int’l Development (45 h/c)

The Council of Europe in the 21st Century. (45 h/c)

United Nations – Past, Present, and Future (45 h/c)

World Trade Organization (45 h/c)