Core Faculty

Dr. Frank Emmert.  Democracy and Rule of LawWeb 

Dr. Daniel Gayo. Economy and International Development. CV. Syllabus.

Dr. Javier Esguevillas. Globalization and International Organizations: Economic – Legal, and Policy Challenges. Web

Dr. Victor Godinez. Internationalization of Cities and Regions. Web

Ambassador Guido Bellatti Ceccoli. Council of Europe. CV

MSc. Adolfo Ayuso. Diplomacy and Global Affairs. CV. Syllabus.


Adjunct Faculty

Enrique Baron Crespo. Former President of the European Parlament.

Michaela Bovi. (United Nations: Past, present and future). CV

Allert Brown Gort. Faculty Fellow, Kellogg Institute for International Studies (MPAff, University of Texas at Austin, 1998). The role of culture in shaping values and political systems; immigration policy; political views of the Mexican-origin population in the United States. Current research: A national qualitative study of the opinions of the Mexican migrant and Mexican American communities; effects of the national immigration discourse on Latino political behavior; attempts by governments in the Americas to manage relations with their diasporas to assist their foreign policy goals.

Maria Del Huerto Romero.  Bachelor political science by the  Universidad Nacional de Rosario (UNR), Argentina, and Master Degree on Social Science by FLACSO.

Ann Erb-Leoncavallo. UNFPA Head Speech Writer.

Agustín Fernández de Losada. Bachelor in Law and Master in European Studies. University of Barcelona. Coordinator of the project URB-AL III (European Commission 2008- 2012). External advisor of European Commission, UN – ECLAC – UNDP.

Dr. Julien Gastelo. Social scientist & filmmaker. Founder of Ethnographic; Research & Film Production. Master of Documentary Filmmaking (Ecole Nationalen: La Fémis, Paris), Master of Social Science (Université de Strasbourg), Master of Political Science (Institut d’Etudes Politiques, Strasbourg).

Juan Huitzilihuitl Flores Zendejas. Professeur Associé – Directeur de l’Institut Paul Bairoch d’Histoire Economique. University of Geneva.

Lina Kee. Adviser Office of World Bank Group for the Caribbean Countries.

Marc Rimez. Master on Economic and develop studies by the Université Catholique de Louvain. Former executive director of the European Union Decentralized Cooperation Observatory. (2008 -2011).

Martin G. Romero. Tenured Professor of Economy and Director of the Department of Economy at the University of Guadalajara. Mexico.

Dr. Valentina Azarova. Lecturer in International Law, Faculty of Law. Clinical Instructor, Center for Human Rights. Holy Spirit University of Kaslik, Lebanon. Research Fellow, Institute of Law
Birzeit University, Palestine.

Dr. Marc Bungenberg.  Director of the Europa-Institut Saarland University and permanent visiting Professor at Lausanne University, especially International Investment Law, Common Commercial Policy or International Raw Materials Law. Web

Dr. Bostjan Zupancic. Human Rights. CV


Students affairs and Management

Ainhoa Arroyo Carrasco. Management and Coordination.


Cultural and Art Department

Sebastien Benoit. Musicien– Directeur Artistique “La companies des regains”.

The Cultural and Art office will support an inclusive and diverse number of academic activities that engages the students with the Alsace and Strasbourg cultural community while providing avenues for personal growth and increased cultural and art knowledge.


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