The Graduate Center of the MGA opened its doors in August 2017 to train future leaders in diplomacy, international relations, politics, government, public policy, law and development, dispute settlement, and rule of law. To this end, the Master Program in Global Affairs provides the contextual perspectives for becoming a successful, well-rounded, and ethically grounded professional in one of the many fields shaping global relations. The Master Program follows a teaching model based on lectures, both in class and online, guided research toward the composition of a final thesis, and practical internships in multilateral organizations, NGO’s, corporations, and national governments. By bringing together a select group of participants from around the world, we are able to train experts in the different areas of International Relations and International Cooperation/Global Affairs, providing them with a strong academic background, a solid foundation of international skills and know-how, and a genuinely multi-ethnic and multi-cultural experience. The academic program is complemented by a number of cultural activities, such as excursions and institutional visits, debates, readings, guest lectures, and fine arts presentations.

Faculty members are scholars and skilled practitioners, including former officers of the United Nations and other international and regional organizations, international attorneys, leaders of NGOs and private sector corporations, diplomats and government officials, activists from social society, economists, and a group of accredited university professors from all over the world. Working closely with these experts, the students will acquire the knowledge and the tools to develop and to implement strategic solutions that address critical global problems.