You probably are wondering why a Spanish University and an international Think Tank decided to base an English Programme in a French-speaking city. The fact is that Strasbourg is the heart of the European democracy and the official seat of the European Parliament. In addition, The Council of Europe has its headquarters and its European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg too. All of these are world renowned institutions that work every day for a fairer world.

In addition to being a hub of international institutions,  Strasbourg is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The city enjoys its history but also connects to the future, with a sustainable transport model and a wide range of cultural activities. Strasbourg is the home base of prestigious academic institutions such as the École Nationale d’Administration (ENA), The Institute Robert Schuman- Institute of Political Studies, Science-Po, l’Université de Strasbourg and the Bibliothèque Nationale et Universitaire.

“Strasbourg’s 2000 year history has taken it from being a prosperous merchant city to its current position as capital of the peoples of Europe, from a centre for humanist thinking to a thriving hub of creators and entrepreneurs. With its blend of cultures, innate tolerance, ecological awareness and embodiment of the European spirit… Europe is alive here, the Europe of democracy, the Europe which belongs to its citizens”

Likewise, the city is just one bridge away from its neighbouring country, Germany. Could you ask for a more international place to study?


If you are thinking about working or  studying International Relationships, Human Rights, Diplomacy, Government, International Law, International Business, International Management or any of the many related fields, you will be interested to know that  many humanitarian aid organizations and many of the most important international organizations (United Nations, NATO, European Union, Doctors without Borders, Amnesty International and many others) use French as one of their official working languages.

While English is the lingua franca of business, French is still the language of diplomacy and international relations and in any case a bonus point in your curriculum.

On the personal level,  you will enjoy the unrivalled experience of being able to communicate with more than 200 million people, in 56 countries on 5 continents where French is an official language. Thus, you will be able to amplify your worldview and understand other cultures.

Strasbourg offers some affordable options like Tandem or some courses in the Université Populaire.

Parlez vous francais? Isn’t it about time?


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