Cecilia Passaniti Mezzano

Cecilia Passaniti Mezzano is a Masters student of Women, Peace and Security in the
Department of Gender Studies at the London School of Economics. Cecilia holds a Bachelor’s
degree in European Studies with a minor in International Law from The Hague University in
the Netherlands where she focused on International Criminal and Humanitarian Law. Her
research focuses on Peacekeepers’ accountability for Sexual Exploitation and Abuse in
Peacekeeping Operations and the provision of effective remedies to survivors. Currently, she is
writing her dissertation on alternative solutions to forced prostitution in the context of
Peacekeeping Operations.
Cecilia has applied her academic interests to field work by deploying with the Italian Civil
Service to Pikine, Senegal working on women’s economic empowerment and access to sexual
and reproductive health services alongside local NGOs and women’s groups. At LSE, she is
currently involved in the ConsentNOW campaign for face-to-face, sexual consent training and
is a volunteer of the LSE Students Union’s Red Cross Society and the Women’s International
League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF).